Humanoid Robot, RoboThespian at International Robot Exhibition - Engineered Arts

iRex 2013 – International Robot Exhibition – Tokyo 6th-9th November 2013

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The Engineered Arts team are looking forward to demonstrating, the humanoid robot, RoboThespian and SociBot at iRex  (International Robot Exhibition) this week.

Find us on Booth SR42 in the IROS Pavillion (East Hall 3).

Show information:  Rise of the machines: Tokyo Robot show 2013


The day when we find ourselves surrounded by walking, talking, learning robots gets nearer and nearer. Couple that with self-driving cars and micro-drones and you could be forgiven for wondering what we’ll be doing for ourselves in a few decades’ time. But for now, at least, the robots on display at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition are all designed to work with us, whether that’s in a factory, a hospital or a museum. We’ve selected some of the most advanced robots from the show.

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