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Amazing Telepresence Demo with RoboThespian

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A demonstration of Engineered Arts’ telepresence app on the RoboThespian Humanoid Robot. Shot in two locations at the same time. Figolux and at Engineered Art HQ

Telepresence is a fantastic way of interacting with people by way of a live conversation via the robot, whether it is being used for communication, research or entertainment.

We have since developed on this software. The new and improved package is called TinMan and can be found on the software page.



Using inbuilt cameras and microphones, you can control its gaze, enter a natural conversation, and trigger content on the fly. Automated features like maintaining eye contact keep interaction compelling and believable. Allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff. BLOWING PEOPLE’S MINDS! TinMan offers unrivalled levels of engagement and provides lasting positive memories about your business or attraction. Complex technology and clever design, disappear into simple intuitive use. Enabling truly breathtaking interaction, with no distractions, while instant visual feedback of the robot keeps you looking the part. This powerful software is packed into the simplicity of a browser. So no need to install anything. Designed from the ground up, TinMan works on desktop, tablet and even smartphone. So you can beam into any of your robots. Just log in and go.

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