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RoboThespian steals Show in Live Panel Discussion at Dublin Tech Summit

We were recently invited to attend the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit 2017. RoboThespian, of course, was front and centre, greeting and entertaining over 10,000 attendees. Performing his preset routines that come with every RoboThespian. Including the now iconic Gollum routine. When we were invited we used our Virtual Robot tool to swiftly animate engaging custom content, specific to Dublin Tech Summit. This was used to greet and inform attendees about the summit. All purchasers of robots, receive up to 10 minutes of custom content specific to their needs.

RoboThespian Wows the Crowds at Dublin Tech Summit


RoboThespian Entertains Crowds at Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Wonderful Singer

As well as preloaded content, every now and again we would throw some surprise telepresence operation, to really interact with the delegates. The angelic voice you can hear below is our creative content producer Michael Todd, all the way from sunny Cornwall. Don’t give up the day job Mike!

Mr Romantic

Dublin Tech Summit took place over Valentines weekend. With is smooth talking and great moves, it was only natural that RoboThespian picked up some admirers.

Sooo Many Cameras

RoboThespian was so popular, that 100’s of people stopped to take a photo or video and post it on social media. Far outstripping anything else at the show. He also attracted a lot of media attention, including national coverage. RoboThespian even conducted a couple of interviews. All of this provided an anchor point for a lot of media attention for the event itself.

The real highlight?


There were some truly spectacular speakers during a packed schedule over the two days. However, the obvious highlight of the two days was the Rise of the Robots panel discussion, which of course featured RoboThespian, in an in depth and intelligent discussion about the future of robotics. RoboThespian was the star of the show, winning over the talkers, audience and press alike. With quotes and photos pouring out from every possible source.


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