Why the Square Face?

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Why the Square Face Indeed…

No, you are not seeing the design for the next generation of RoboThespian.  What you are feasting your eyes on is a custom version of RoboThespian, made specifically for Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and their “Robot Revolution” exhibition.  Customised versions of our robots or completely custom robots are options open to all of our customers.  When ordering their RoboThespian, MSI gave us a brief of a custom head to match the logo of the exhibition.



Design Process

Before we could make a custom face, we had to take the concept image, and design the head from scratch, making sure it worked mechanically, and easily adapted to our RoboThespian.  Patrick Maletz, our CAD designer said “the hardest bit was fitting in a new design around all of our old mechanics”.  The image below shows the CAD work undertaken to ensure a fully functioning robot head that also met the customer brief.



Custom Robot – Easy Operation

So the robot has been made and physically works.  Thanks to the software framework we have in place, we easily integrated the new head design into our animation software ‘Virtual Robot’.  Software developer Will Stott implemented the new design and was impressed “With a few lines of new code total, we have a new expressive, controllable robot character which can be animated and visualised in VirtualRobot”.  Due to the tightly integrated development at Engineered Arts, anything that can be animated in Virtual Robot can be performed on the real robot. All Engineered Arts’ robots come with a license for Virtual Robot, so you can make your content straight away.



Thorough Testing

Custom or not, all of our robots go through a rigorous testing regime.  That includes playing through their routines. We captured one of them before he shipped to Chicago.



Want your own Custom Robot?

We love solving engineering problems, so if you have a specific request, contact us

If you want to see this RT in the flesh, among a whole host of great robots, head over to the Robot Revolution Exhibition at MSI Chicago.



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