A Timeless Classic, Reinvented by RoboThespian

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RoboThespian can be described in many ways. But if you were to describe RoboThespian in one word, it would probably be “communicator”. Along with all of the articulation and movement, one of the most important means of his communication is speech. To test this theory, we tried to push RoboThespian to his expressive limit. The film “The Great Dictator” shows, arguably, the greatest silent movie performer of all time (Charlie Chaplin), deliver one of the greatest speeches if all time. A great test of RoboThespian’s acting skill.


All content was animated using our intuitive and powerful animation software Virtual Robot .  All in all, this animation took around two hours to complete. Thanks to the intuitive nature of the software, animation was completed by our in-house media guy, Michael. Somebody who is much more at home with making films, than operating robots. This is important as most of our customers are attractions or artists and are certainly not in the business of building or coding robots. They still need to be able to use a very technical machine, with minimal technical knowledge.


See the results and the original below.




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