Have Track, Will Travel

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As the old robotic saying goes, “Have track, Will travel”. Okay it’s not exactly Confucius, but it is applicable to this blog post. RoboThespian is a versatile and engaging performer which has been proven time and again by satisfied customers from all over the world. However, a question we are often asked is, “can RoboThespian walk?”. The short answer is no. A slightly longer answer is, a walking robot R&D project Byrun is in constant development, but is certainly not at the stage of integration with any current products. Still, the challenge of movement from point to point persists. This ability would certainly deepen the the wilful suspension of disbelief, allowing a deeper engagement. So as part of a large order for a customer, we have been building a track and dolly system to allow RoboThespian to move around a stage, and rotate on it’s base.


The track will be used on a false floor, so will be invisible to the public. This would be the recommended set up, but there would be no reason why the track mechanism could be left exposed. The track length can be customised to suit customer needs too. And as ever, animation and control is intuitive, with browser based, drag and drop key-frames using Virtual Robot.


This can be purchased as a complete set up, or current RoboThespian owners can upgrade their current robot. Get in touch with any queries.

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