After over 15 years of innovation and iteration, our robots are fairly sturdy – but not indestructible. Even after 100 years of improvements, cars still break down! Things will go wrong from time to time but our customer service and support is second to none. And because our robots are internet connected, we can remotely diagnose problems and minimise downtime.

Certainly! When we install our robots for you, one of our engineers will provide full setup training and run you through some basic maintenance. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything word for word though, we have a wiki you can reference that covers common questions and essential training.

Our robots are designed and built for entertainment, communication and education, giving people interactive moments they’ll never forget.

Definitely not. That state-of-the-art circuitry isn’t made for suds and water. Luckily we know of another robot that can help you out. It’s already in your house and it’s commonly known as a dishwasher!

Yes. Because we use voice actors for our robots, we can create content in any language. Our touchscreen controllers can be in any language too – and you can swap between the languages you need on the fly.

This is a big topic, which we have a much longer answer to here. In short, robots are not the same as contemporary AI and they’re actually much more interesting! Our robots do make use of AI, just not the kind that shows up in Blade Runner and Star Wars, which sadly doesn’t exist yet.

You can find our robots all over the globe. Check out our locations to find the closest one to you.

Yes. When you rent with us, we’ll create 5 minutes of content for the robot so it can advertise your new product or your brand. But it’s our TinMan technology that gives you total control, enabling an operator to be the robot and interact with clients however you choose.

Since our robots are all customisable – with innumerable options available – we don’t have a fixed price. More than a cup of coffee. Less than an island.

Our robots can be found in 200 locations and 30 countries across the globe so we can deliver almost anywhere. Lead times will depend on the robot you wish to order. A fully customised Mesmer may take up to 4 months, while a standard RoboThespian can be with you in weeks.

No. Our robots are designed for fixed locations only. A walking robot would be a hazard at exhibitions and museums and, if we gave our robots that function, visitors wouldn’t be able to get so close to them.

Absolutely, 100%! Check out our Mesmer robot to find out how.

Our robots are only designed for entertainment, not labour. In the future robots will likely be used to complete repetitive and monotonous tasks. But our robots are far more spectacular.

Of course! To find out how, check out our Virtual Robot software.

Our robots are completely safe. They’re inherently compliant and gentle, so even if a robot was to move and accidentally hit you, it wouldn’t hurt.

Our innovative robots are designed to be true to life, not to take life. They’re 100% innocent entertainment. We’d never work with the military but we would happily make a replica terminator for an exhibition.

That’s okay, simply contact our expert team and we’ll be happy to talk with you.