Our expert team of designers, engineers, artists, developers and Mandy the cleaner love to live life on the cutting edge of technology. We’re all devoted to our robots and, even if we weren’t working here, our team would still be tinkering with robots in their spare time. 

Everyone’s unique skill set and enthusiasm shows up in the characters we design and make, and our robots are all the more true to life as a result.

Management team

Will Jackson

Founder and CEO

Gill Spencer

Director of Finance and Administration

Morgan Roe

Director of Operations

Marcus Hold

Product Deployment Manager

Our Team

Dan Squires

Senior Software and Embedded Systems Engineer

Beni Szlivka

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Jon Brown

Junior Embedded Hardware Design Engineer

Simon Osborn

Senior Mechanical and 3D Design Engineer

Pat Maletz

Mechanical Design and Production Engineer

Chris Lusty

Mechanical Research and Design Engineer

Bren Carter

Junior Fabrication and Assembly Engineer

Chris Parker

CNC Machining Guru

Will Stott

Senior Systems Architect

Ijaas Imtajali

Junior Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineer

Jacob Hale

Junior Software Engineer

Jason Pickersgill

Graphics Design Creative

Jon Henwood

Apprentice Machinist

Mike Humphrey

Lead Fabrication and Creative Quality Controller

Mandy Berry


Rob Agar

Senior Software Developer

Tracy Rasburn

Non-executive Director and Tailor to the Robots

Jenn Roe

Executive Assistant

Treeve Oates

Junior Workshop Assistant

Joe Dusta

Robot Development Engineer

Zion Love

Creative Engineer

Ethan Plumbly

Junior Robot Applications Developer

Mike McCullough

Junior Robot Applications Developer