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Amazing Telepresence Demo with RoboThespian

A demonstration of Engineered Arts' telepresence app on the RoboThespian Humanoid Robot.

Telepresence is a fantastic way of interacting with people by way of a live conversation via the robot, whether it is being used for communication, research or entertainment.

RoboThespian Tutorial Videos

Engineered Arts proudly present the first in a new series of tutorial videos, for prospective and new customers to learn how simple it is to get RoboThespian out of the box and working.

RoboThespian at the brand new Robot Museum, Suzhou, China

RoboThespian is the star attraction at a brand new Robot Museum in Suzhou, China.

National Science Museum Thailand unveil two new RoboThespian exhibits

The National Science Museum and IT museum have each taken delivery of a new RoboThespian exhibit this week, the first RoboThespians ever to be displayed in Thailand.

Spillikin - A Love Story starring RoboThespian the humanoid robot

Introducing the new show from Pipeline Theatre:
'Spillikin, a love story'

Artificial Intelligence meets aged care in an odd-couple romance featuring four actors and a real robot.

We've just returned from playing our last preview at the main theatre stage at Latitude as the Pleasance "Pick of the Fringe" (see 'reviews' for some great preview feedback from Tolmen and Latitude), from August 5th-31st we'll be at the Edinburgh Festival, Jackdome, Pleasance Dome, (Venue 23) every day at 5:10pm. Comment from Hall for Cornwall staff writer Philly Byrde:'The show’s heart-wrenching impact builds cumulatively in a steady emptying out of meaning, where Pipeline’s approach of developing design and text in tandem shows in every scene....Spillikin is funny.. painful – and bitingly true. Go and see this vital show." Thanks Philly!