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RoboThespian at the brand new Robot Museum, Suzhou, China

RoboThespian is the star attraction at a brand new Robot Museum in Suzhou, China.

National Science Museum Thailand unveil two new RoboThespian exhibits

The National Science Museum and IT museum have each taken delivery of a new RoboThespian exhibit this week, the first RoboThespians ever to be displayed in Thailand.

RoboThespian presides over wedding in China

What an honour to be asked to preside over the wedding of this lovely young couple in China recently.

New RoboThespian installation at W5 Science Centre, Belfast

Lots of excitement building for the unveiling of RoboThespian at W5 Science Centre in Belfast on Saturday 2nd May.

MUTEC, Technological Museum Mexico unveil first RoboThespian in Latin America

The Technological Museum in Mexico City, MUTEC, have recently unveiled their new RoboThespian and it has been attracting a lot of attention from the media as the first RoboThespian in Latin America.