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Spillikin - RoboThespian: The Star in Stellar Show

Amazing Telepresence Demo with RoboThespian

A demonstration of Engineered Arts' telepresence app on the RoboThespian Humanoid Robot.

Telepresence is a fantastic way of interacting with people by way of a live conversation via the robot, whether it is being used for communication, research or entertainment.

RoboThespian presides over wedding in China

What an honour to be asked to preside over the wedding of this lovely young couple in China recently.

SociBot article in Gizmag Magazine

Lovely to see SociBot steal some of the attention from RoboThespian at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo last week.

Getty Images: Inside The Workshop Of The World’s Only Commercially Available Full Size Robot Maker

inside the workshops of the worlds only commercial