For Something Unique

Custom Robotic Commissions


RoboThespian and SociBot are very versatile communicators. But if you need something that is completely unique. We can offer a custom robotic commission option. The team at Engineered Arts covers all stages of robot development. With an extremely rapid design cycle, we can take a component all the way from early CAD to machining, implementation and testing within a day. We conduct mechanical and electrical development in parallel, ensuring tight integration of all mechatronic elements and resulting in robust hardware ready for everyday use.

Engineered Arts specialise in advanced mechanical design, force control applications, pneumatic actuation and hybrid servo integration. Constantly attentive to new technological innovation, our engineers stay at the vanguard of mechanical design and sensor technology and can bring years of experience to bear in creating economical, cost-effective, bespoke solutions to match your needs.


Where it all started


Engineered Arts started life in 2004, solely creating custom robotic installations. Engineered Arts originally employed the talents of local artists and engineers to produce a number of bespoke mixed media installations for UK science centres and museums.   These included major commissions for the Eden ProjectGlasgow Science CentreRoyal Botanic Gardens Kew and Centrum Kopernik in Warsaw.


Advanced Robotic Ecosystem


Since developing multiple iterations of RoboThespian and SociBot, we developed an advanced software/hardware eco system, that allows for extremely effective installations, available at a fraction of the normal development time and cost.


When only the Best will do


We are proud to offer most services in house, to ensure the highest quality available. However, we occasionally collaborate with select industry leaders in their respective fields to achieve the highest realism possible. Collaborators include prosthetics and animatronic specialist Millenium FX. We have worked with them on projects for TV, human like figures and larger than life film characters for public display.

Engineered Arts Custom Robotic Commission Eden Project
Child looking at Engineered Arts Custom Robotic Figure, Eden Project