What we do

Engineered Arts is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots.  For science centres, theme parks and businesses looking to attract a crowd, our robots make for an experience that visitors, delegates and audiences will never forget.

The start of something extraordinary

Engineered Arts began its life as our robots do, as an idea in the mind of our founder and director, Will Jackson.

With a vision of what might be possible, he started gathering a group of talented local artists and engineers to produce mixed media installations in UK science centres and museums. Soon their mechanical creations were commissioned for sites such as the Eden Project, Glasgow Science Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Centrum Kopernik in Warsaw.

But we were just getting started. At first, we were working with simple mechanical figures and standard industrial controllers. But in our hearts, our desire was to make something truly mesmerising.

How our humanoid characters came to life

In 2005, our passion found life in the mechanical actors we designed and built for the Mechanical Theatre at the Eden Project. Instead of creating an ad-hoc set of figures, we threw ourselves into developing a programmable figure that could be used for any purpose.

And thus, RoboThespian Mark 1 came to be. Able to assume any personality and draw a crowd in any context, this robot became our pride and joy. 

Ever since then, we’ve been honing this humanoid robot to have more realistic human movement and ways of interacting with people on a show floor or exhibition. We also push the boundaries of robotics through our characters Mesmer, Quinn and our custom commissions – keeping people spellbound across the globe.  

Where we are now

  • 100+ robots installed worldwide
  • 15+ years of humanoid robot development
  • Mesmer and RoboThespian characters drawing more crowds than ever
  • Quinn robots providing extraordinary customer service
  • Custom robots designed and made for shows and exhibitions

Some of our customers

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