How to Apply

Our recruitment policy is evidence based, we like to see what you can actually do.
Formal qualifications look nice on a CV, but they don’t mean much without the practical ability to achieve results.
Please send links to code repositories, images, videos etc. showing us what you have worked on.
Personal projects are highly valued, a photo of a rough model made with cardboard and hot glue is better than nothing.

Tell us about your hobbies, are you a photographer, performance artist, stunt pilot, musician, poet, cook or surfer?

Please send links -> not attachments.

YouTube, Flickr, Google Drive, personal website, GitHub, Etc.

The sort of things we like to see:


  • Code:  C++, Python, JS, Haskell, CUDA
  • Version control – your code on GitHub, Mercurial, SVN
  • A personal project on JS Fiddle
  • Contribution to a FOS project

Mechanical Design:

  • A working example of mechanism you have designed – can be virtual
  • Pictures or videos of any robots you have worked on – please make your contribution clear
  • A personal project, an invention, a concept, a real or virtual model
  • Evidence of solid modelling experience – a downloadable file in STEP or IGES format
  • Lego, Meccano or other similar projects

3D Design:

  • Real 3d objects you have designed and or made 
  • Evidence of solid modelling experience – a downloadable file in STEP or IGES format
  • Drawings and sketches done by hand
  • Photos, videos presentations in PDF format.

Electronic And Embedded:

  • Video of your control system working – could be a drone an RC project, an automated goldfish feeder
  • Links to embedded code
  • circuit diagrams, schematics and project notes

CNC Programmer Operators:

  • Photos or videos or parts you have made
  • Any personal projects, a vehicle restoration, a thing made of metal or plastic
  • Screen grabs showing a machining strategy

CV’s in PDF format only please.
CV’s without supporting evidence will be ignored.

Email application

Please send real verifiable evidence of what you can do, links only please NO ATTACHMENTS:
DO NOT send us anything in MS proprietary formats, DocX etc.