We built the first ever Mesmer robots for devotional themepark, Sai Teerth, Shirdi, India. The park wanted 3 figures built. All with articulated necks, mouth, and eyes, and the lead figure (Sai Baba) also had to move his arms. The development of these three figures helped to form the basis of the Mesmer system. Built in collaboration with Millennium FX

“A surreal 10 minute experience, brought to life using advanced animatronics & robotics. Dwarkamai is a divine experience, and nothing short of a miracle” – Sai Teerth Marketing.

“Our first Humanoid show in India at India’s famous religious theme park at Shirdi, with 3 human robots was only possible because of great involvement from the Engineered Arts team. They take ownership of the project and work with the client team to the minutest details. The show we created with them is very successful. We repeated our association with them to create a humanoid of former President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam in one of the museums. The most important part to keep the shows running flawlessly is the after sales support. The Engineered Arts team is always there at a moment’s notice. We look forward to continuing our association with them in India and Southeast Asia.”Sanjay Dabke, Guardian Media and Entertainment