The Experimental Virtual Environments (EVENT) Lab for Neuroscience and Technology carries out research in computer graphics and virtual environments with applications in psychology and neuroscience. The virtual reality laboratory is led by Mel Slater and is located at the Universitat de Barcelona, Departament de Personalitat, Avaluació i Tractament Psicològic. The neuroscience aspects are led by Maria V. Sanchez-Vives located at IDIBAPS.

The eventLAB has both a technological goal, which is to improve algorithms, methods and interactive techniques in virtual environments and a scientific goal which is to understand how people interact within immersive virtual environments and to identify the underlying brain mechanisms. Our RoboThespian, Reggie, was brought to eventLAB to be part of the CORDIS-funded BEAMING initiative, designed to explore the technology, neuroscience and ramifications of the process of instantaneously transporting people (visitors) from one physical place in the world to another (the destination) so that they can interact with the local people there. Reggie acts as an embodied avatar for remote operators, allowing them to see and interact with people in a remote location.