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Annual Salary
£25,000.00 - £35,000.00
Employment Type
Full Time
Bickland Water Road
United Kingdom
TR11 4FZ

Engineered Arts is looking for an experienced CNC operator to help us develop our world class humanoid robots. Working alongside the workshop team you’ll be programming and operating some advanced machines such as our 5 axis mill-turn or our live-tool sliding head lathe.

We design and manufacture as much in-house as possible so all your work will come direct from our design team. Many of these parts are new or iterative prototype parts which you will check is possible to machine and sometimes have to think outside the box on how to produce it and on which machine is best. Reporting any issues or suggestions on optimisations for manufacture back to the design team. No two days are the same as prototype parts are quickly tested, verified and iterated. All parts are programmed offline using Autodesk Inventor CAM and our in-house developed post processor.

Our internal motto is “Be Wow”, our robots are wow and so is our workshop team, we bake wow into everything we do, and this role is no exception!

Join our talented and creative team to help build the future of humanoid robot technology.

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Main Responsibilities

  • Programming CNC machines
    • Offline programming using Autodesk Inventor CAM
    • Ensuring programs are safe to run
    • Documenting jobs so they can easily be run in future manufacture
  • Safety of machines
    • Ensure programmed jobs will not damage the machine
    • Running / jogging through new jobs to check safe operation
  • Safety of staff
    • Ensure machines are always left in a safe state
  • Operation and maintenance of machines
    • Ensure basic maintenance is undertaken
    • Refill fluids
    • Clear out swarf bin
  • Challenges
    • Assessing new parts for manufacturability
    • Optimising CAM programming for the specific machine
    • Controlling quality of fitting between parts manufactured on different machines
    • Providing feedback to the design team on optimisations to aid manufacture

Experience Requirements


  • At least 3 years experience on CNC milling or turning
  • Use of any offline programming packages
  • Basic G-code format
  • Tool and machine setting


  • Use of Autodesk Inventor HSM / Inventor CAM
  • Experience on Mazak, Haas and/or Citizen machines
  • Experience using and knowledge of the benefits of sliding head lathes with live tooling
  • Experience using and knowledge of the benefits of mill-turn machines


  • Interest in robotics
  • Experience using CNC pressbrake
  • Manual lathe working

To apply:Email