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Engineered Arts designs some of the world’s most advanced humanoid robots . Our designs are super complex with thousands of mechanical parts, electronic circuits, wiring looms and multiple software packages from firmware to local operating systems to cloud services and robot applications, behaviors and general awesomeness.

As part of our on-going growth, we’re looking for someone to join our team to lead activities in the areas of compliance, certification and documentation.

In this role, you will collaborate with the many technical specialists throughout the company to ensure that all our products are safe, compliant, fully documented and achieve relevant certifications.

This role spans both formal compliance to international standards, as well as internal company best practice, taking ownership of all related activities and documentation.

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Main Responsibilities

  • Product compliance
    • Work with the product design team to ensure designs comply with identified standards and improve the efficiency of future certification efforts
    • Ensure the activities undertaken in the design pipeline complies with internal processes
  • Product certification
    • Lead the process for required product certification alongside the product design team (for example CE Declaration of Conformity)
  • Process compliance
    • Work with different teams to understand and develop the processes to gain internationally recognised compliance certifications (such as ISO9001 and ISO27001)
  • Documentation compliance
    • Uphold the quality of documentation from all aspects of the business, including formal documents and test reports, as well as online web-based content (e.g. wikis) 
    • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of the requirements for all applicable standards compliance and certification

Experience Requirements

  • Experience in a Compliance Manager or similar role for at least 4 years
  • Familiarity with standards compliance for electro-mechanical machinery
  • Experience writing clear, concise technical content for various audiences
  • Experience putting products through CE certification process under the Machinery Directive
  • Working with online documentation/content systems such as wikis, markdown, html

To apply:email