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Annual Salary
£40,000.00 - £70,000.00
Employment Type
Full Time
Bickland Water Road
United Kingdom
TR11 4FZ

Working as part of a highly talented software team your role is to ensure that the software workflows remain functional across the software and embedded firmware teams. Allowing seamless continuous integration abilities as well as robust testing and development environments. Keeping all of our internal resources running is also a top priority.

Our robots use local, edge and cloud computing solutions to become the ultimate humanoid machine. Your job is to help this become a reality by helping to keep all the connections functional and allow the development team to keep doing what they do best with a super smooth and speedy build and test pipeline.

Our internal motto is “Be Wow”, our robots are wow, but so is our software and our team, we bake wow into everything we do, and this role is no exception!

The role can be based at Engineered Arts headquarters in Falmouth, or at our newly opened office in London.

Join our talented and creative team to help build the future of humanoid robot technology.

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Main Responsibilities

  1. Kubernetes setup and maintenance (Rancher k8s)
  2. Gitlab maintenance including continuous integration use
  3. Maintain robot build and deploy systems
  4. Develop and streamline development processes and build pipelines

Experience Requirements


  • Kubernetes Setup, Maintanence and use with On-Prem developers
  • Docker
  • Ubuntu linux experience including nginx, postgres, systemd


  • Gitlab use, maintenance and CI use with software developers and embedded engineers
  • TLS Certificate PKI as well as Let Encrypt, SSH management and DNS administration
  • Networking familiarity with IP segmentation across VLAN, VPN and router configuration
  • Cloud platform knowledge (AWS, Azure etc)


  • Python
  • Django
  • BASH
  • Interest in robotics

To apply:Email