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Annual Salary
£40,000.00 - £65,000.00
Employment Type
Full Time

Our robots are always built from the ground up, we believe the best experience is achieved by creating robots made up of bespoke parts designed for the job, rather than generic parts adapted that are not quite up to it. This is especially true in the embedded team where bespoke electronics are designed to fit in limited spaces around a robot. Much of the embedded firmware is also written for purpose and must work seamlessly with our robot operating system Tritium.

We are always trying to innovate and push developments of our robots. Researching, testing and assessing new and exciting electronics components, concepts and firmwares is an ongoing task.

Documentation and traceability is key in a fast moving R&D focused department along with thorough testing and analysing of prototypes, refining code, finding software and hardware bugs. The team is always hands on with the hardware from the smallest circuit board on the bench to fully featured multi-robot systems.

The role can be based at Engineered Arts headquarters in Falmouth, or at our newly opened office in London.

Join our talented and creative team to help build the future of humanoid robot technology.

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Main Responsibilities

  • Embedded Firmware Development
    • Develop new features for embedded systems
    • Find issues and bugs in existing code
    • Review proposed changes to firmware from other team members
    • Participate in planning sessions for future firmware development tasks
  • Embedded Systems Development
    • Propose, design and review new and updated circuit boards
    • Prototype circuit board assembly using our in-house pick and place machine
    • Quality check other team members work
  • Robot System Development
    • Design, deployment and testing of new firmware on real robots
    • Commissioning and testing development robots
  • Documentation
    • Ensure all work is well documented according to our internal documentation standards
    • Regular reviews of documentation, conducting ‘Wiki Hygiene’
  • Challenges
    • Managing constantly changing electronics hardware and high-level software
    • Keeping up with mechanical design developments, designing new circuit boards and firmwares
    • Making sure all work will be reliable for a robot which needs minimum down-time
    • Being up-to-date with new electronics offerings from the wider market
    • Working to find and fix issues working to tight deadlines

Experience Requirements

  • Essential
    • Embedded firmware development in C on 32-bit ARM based MCUs
    • Experienced Linux user
    • DC / BLDC Motor Control
  • Desirable
    • Use of the STM32 MCU ecosystem
    • High-speed communication design (USB, Ethernet, EtherCat)
    • Motion control theory
    • Python scripting
    • Sensors and encoders
  • Useful
    • Use of KiCAD for schematic capture and artwork design
    • Use of version control systems
  • Background
    • Embedded Systems Engineer or
    • Embedded Design Engineer

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