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A truly unique opportunity to join a high profile humanoid robotics company working on next-level human interaction. Come help us build better robots! 

Working on the world’s most advanced human-shaped robots, with the capability of human-like interactions, you will be part of the team to build those skills for captivating user experiences. Dream up the next ability for the humanoid robot which covers one of our goals of lifelike interaction, entertaining experiences or useful service-oriented abilities.

Combining computer vision, speech recognition and other sensor data with in-house hardware, our Tritium robot operating system and integrated development environment as well as 3rd party hardware, software and services to create unforgettable moments for robot users. While Tritium is unique, it leverages, combines and customizes many open source projects.

Our robots are known worldwide and are regularly featured in the media, both traditional and social. We regularly attend trade shows to show off our tech, or as a rental as well as travel to customers for installations. There is an opportunity for travel to many destinations as the best way to develop interactions is to see how people interact with the robots in real life. The role will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an on-site role. We believe that an engineer needs to interact closely with our robots in order to be the most productive. 

Join our talented and creative team to help build the future of humanoid robot technology.

If you are going to be reaching out directly to the hiring manager, please include in your message the name of your favorite robot (fictional or otherwise) and include a short description of your reasoning.

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Main Responsibilities

    1. Making the robots behave in a more lifelike manner
      • Write behaviors which make people say ‘Wow, that’s awesome’
      • Make the behaviors either super useful for our customers, or mega compelling enough for the public to immediately post to social media
      • Don’t make it move in a way which a human can’t, that’s creepy
    2. Creating behaviors for a specific application or customer
      • No customer is the same, each one would generally require a specific behavior or function, develop, test and verify these functions
    3. Debugging robots which are misbehaving
      • Robot software is complex and interactions between behaviors may occur, find issues when multiple systems are conflicting
      • Debug systems remotely, such as a customer robot where you do not have physical access to the system
    • Observation of the subtleties of human behavior
    • Development of lifelike behaviors which demonstrate the ability of the hardware
    • Always be entertaining or helpful, or both – Always Be Wow
    • Make sure all behaviors function to the best quality and not look non-human
    • Blending multiple behaviors together seamlessly where newly developed ones do not conflict with existing ones
    • Working with the wider team with ideas on the development direction of all aspects of the robot

Desired Skills

Desired Skills
Traits we are looking for:
  • You can get to solutions fast yet leave well-structured and documented code behind
  • You are intellectually curious and able to get through new territory quickly
  • You are passionate about making amazing robots even more amazing
  • You are open to ideas and have a positive attitude, a desire to help others, and a tendency to resolve issues without drama.
  • You have an attention to detail.

Experience Requirements

  • Python coding (minimum 3 years)
  • Use of a Linux OS, preferably Ubuntu but other distributions useful (minimum 3 years)
  • Focus on user interaction and experience
Desirable knowledge
  • Machine learning and AI techniques and frameworks
  • Speech recognition, NLP and TTS systems
  • Computer vision and vision processing systems
  • TensorFlow/PyTorch, MediaPipe
  • C++, TypeScript/JS, React
Useful prior experience
  • Creative background either professional or hobby
  • Agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum
  • Video game development or other complex real-time work
  • Experience with coding on real hardware
  • Must Love Robots!

To apply:email