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Engineered Arts Ltd offer 1 or 2 work placements a year for local area school students, these run for one week only.

There’s a lot of competition for these places and we will choose students that we think will benefit the most from a weeks experience.

We base our decision on what you have done, and the personal dedication you have shown to making, coding or design.

Ability to pass exams is not necessarily the the most useful thing for designing and building cutting edge robots!

To apply:

We want to see what you have made: drawings, cardboard models, electronic projects, woodwork, metalwork,  Lego models, Meccano, clothes and cookery (exotic) all count.

If you’re into coding we like to see working code examples preferably in Python or JS – send us a link to your JS Fiddle project or similar.

Please send links to images, videos or online demo code for programmers.

Use YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Instagram or similar online resources to store your work.

To apply: Email

To apply:Email