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We are currently looking for a Senior Robotic Systems Engineer to join us at our Falmouth office, where you’ll be designing and deploying new firmware on real robots!

In this role you will be

  • Creatively developing bespoke embedded hardware and software
  • Developing improvements to the systems to enhance reliability, problem diagnosis and reporting and maintainability as well as functionality
  • Understanding how the embedded systems fit with the mechanical and the software ecosystem
  • Managing constantly developing electronics hardware and high-level software
  • Working with the wider product design team on the design pipeline and what future embedded developments are required
  • Making sure all work will be reliable for a robot which needs minimum down-time
  • Being up-to-date with new electronics offerings from the wider market
  • Working to find and fix issues working to tight deadlines

To apply: email

Main Responsibilities

  • Embedded Firmware Development
    • Develop new features for embedded systems
    • Find issues and bugs in existing code
    • Review proposed changes to firmware from other team members
    • Participate in planning sessions for future firmware development tasks
  • Embedded Systems Development
    • Propose, design and review new and updated circuit boards
    • Quality check other team members work
  • Robot System Development
    • Design, deployment and and testing of new firmware on real robots
    • Commissioning and testing prototype robot systems and sub-systems
  • Team leadership
    • Coaching and mentoring of the team in development techniques and processes
    • Keeping on top of team goals and deadlines
  • Documentation
    • Ensure all work is well documented according to our internal documentation standards
    • Keep version control up to date including change logs
    • Regular reviews of documentation

Experience Requirements

  • Bachelors’ degree in relevant area (such as electronics, software, robotics engineering tec)
  • Embedded firmware development in Embedded C
  • Experienced Linux user
  • Active interest in a robotics field (humanoid, UAV/drones, autonomous vehicles, industrial arms etc)
  • Python
  • Use of the STM32 MCU ecosystem
  • Firmware development using FreeRTOS (or other embedded RTOS)
  • Hands-on experience on robots or other complex hardware
  • High-speed communication design (USB, Ethernet [TCP/IP UDP])
  • Understanding of motion control theory and control of DC and BLDC motors
  • Use of electronic CAD packages for schematic capture and artwork design
  • Use of GIT and CI/CD pipelines

To apply:email