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Annual Salary
£50,000.00 - £70,000.00
Employment Type
Full Time
London or Cornwall

Do you want to help build the future of humanoid robots?

We are looking for an experienced and motivated Test Automation Lead to join our talented and fast moving team working on world-leading robotics software applications. Driving our software testing practices, you will be responsible for formulating, testing, and implementing improvements across all our QA processes.

Our internal motto is “Be Wow”, our robots are wow and we need our software to be wow too, we bake wow into everything we do, so you can help make sure the quality of our software is wow too!

The role can be based either at our HQ in Cornwall or at our office in London.

Hybrid work possible, 2-3 days a week remote.

To apply: email with your CV and (if you have one) link to LinkedIn profile, but please read the requirements below first.

Main Responsibilities

  • Establish, maintain, and improve workflows to automate the testing of all the software we produce, across our stack:
    • Operating System
    • Frontend / UI
    • Cloud backend and services
    • High-level robot behaviours
  • Define, improve and automate procedures for testing and commissioning of robots before and after they are delivered to customers
  • Be an advocate for best practices and work closely with the Software team to suggest, rapidly test, and implement any helpful process changes or new tools.
  • Testing needs include functional, stress, and soak testing of both software and robots

Desired Skills

Traits we are looking for
  • You can get to solutions fast yet leave well-structured and documented code behind
  • You are intellectually curious and able to get through new territory quickly
  • You are passionate about making amazing robots even more amazing
  • You are open to ideas and have a positive attitude, a desire to help others, and a tendency to resolve issues without drama.

Experience Requirements

  • Past experience as a developer, working with complex codebases in Python, C++ and working with databases
  • Similar lead role in Test Automation or QA
  • Strong understanding of test automation tools and methodologies
  • Strong understanding of software testing methodologies
  • Experience in testing the performance limit of web services under load
  • Deep knowledge and familiarity with automated testing frameworks like Pytest, Selenium or Jmeter in build/deploy pipelines running a CI system like Gitlab or Jenkins.
  • Deep knowledge and familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, Git, shell scripting, CI/CD
  • Experience with cloud platforms like GCP and AWS
Desirable knowledge
  • Experience in testing web UIs using automated simulated browsers
Useful prior experience
  • Robotics / ROS
  • Agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum 
  • CMake, BitBake, Kas
  • Testing of video games or other complex real-time software
  • Experience programming in TypeScript
  • Automated visual testing of 3D renders
How to Apply
Automated applications have very little chance of being selected because of the very low signal-to-noise ratio. To avoid ending up in the automated pile, please make sure that somewhere in your application you include the following:
  1. A short paragraph about something that you would like to see our Ameca robots being capable of doing in the near-ish future
  2. Your visa status (UK citizen; EU settled status; Currently on XYZ visa; etc)
  3. Your target salary expectations
  4. Your notice period, or when you would be able to start with us
  5. Your current location, and whether you would want to commute or relocate
We are looking forward to hearing from you, but please include the above to ensure your application will get processed.

To apply:email with your CV and (if you have one) link to LinkedIn profile, but please read the requirements below first.