Get eyes on your brand or event

Looking to capture the attention of delegates or press? After over 15 years of designing and making robots for rental, our expert team has honed our state-of-the-art characters to create a positive PR buzz that won’t die down in a hurry. 

Practised at performing to passersby or to audiences 50,000 strong, our innovative robots have captivated hearts and minds at all kinds of events:

  • High-impact expo stands
  • Live stage panel discussions
  • Live TV appearances
  • Keynote speeches to executives
  • Intimate theatre performances
  • Spellbinding stadium shows

Rental robot appearances

Easy to use, hard to ignore

Everything complex about our robots runs automatically, so you can focus on the fun stuff. Our robots can automatically maintain eye contact with passersby and react to those around them in unbelievably convincing ways. 

When you want to take control, you can chop and change our robot’s behaviour on the go – or ahead of time – using simple drag and drop commands on any internet-connected device.

  • Easy control at your fingertips
  • Huge library of preprogrammed actions, speech and songs
  • 5 minutes of specially-made content built in by our experts: sell your brand, tell jokes or give a presentation
  • Get support from the designers and makers of the technology
  • Get trained – in less than an hour – to use our telepresence tech, TinMan, so you can inhabit our robots and speak to people through them

Hire RoboThespian

Charming and good-mannered, RoboThespian will inspire wonder wherever he travels. Quick to set up, he can change locations multiple times in a day – and can change personalities even faster. Make him your salesman, actor or keynote speaker.

Hire Mesmer

The most realistic humanoid robot you can hire, Mesmer looks like a real person and moves like one too. Mesmer will talk about almost anything you want, inspire laughter with a roll of their eyes, and even shake hands with people to create moments that they’ll never forget.

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