How big is your imagination?

Our robot designers and manufacturers have laid the technological groundwork so that your ideas can come to life fast. You don’t need to understand our tech for us to make it work wonders for you. 

Working with Engineered Arts means you get:

  • An advanced software/hardware ecosystem designed by experts with 15+ years experience in robotics.
  • Powerful Tritium and intuitive Virtual Robot software.
  • Mesmer technology that enables robots to respond to their environment in advanced, highly-realistic ways.
  • Advanced mechanics, force control, pneumatics and hybrid servo integration.
  • High resolution 3D printing and advanced image capture technology.

We’ve done the extraordinary before – we’ll gladly do it again

As a team we don’t limit ourselves to traditional ideas of what’s possible. You can’t buy robot skin, so we invented it! Working to an extremely rapid design cycle, we can take a component from early CAD to machining to implementation and testing in a single day. 

At the forefront of new technological advances, our engineers are always innovating. They draw on years of robotics experience to create unique spectacles and cost-effective realism. The end result is always robust hardware which baffles and delights all who see it. 

Previous commissions


Larger than life, Kong is a giant interactive robot head guaranteed to get jaws hitting floors. Using sensors and our Virtual Robot software, Kong’s eyes follow people around the room and, when the conditions are right, his nostrils blast compressed air into the laughing faces of his visitors.

Jing Boran & Wuba

Designed and made for Madame Tussauds, this state-of-the-art robot is based on Chinese superstar Jing Boran and his friend Wuba from the movie Monster Hunt. The intelligent silicone character uses our Mesmer technology to sense people and react to his surroundings, maintaining eye contact with visitors and responding to their gender, age and mood. We designed Wuba to do the same with the eyes and expressions of an adorable monster.


A robot influencer who helped promote the launch of a popular TV series, Fred is powered by our state-of-the-art Mesmer technology. Created in just 8 weeks, Fred is the mirror image of a real life actor, looking the part of a human and behaving like one too. Able to hold conversations with the public in a pub, he was effortlessly piloted and voiced by his double, Tedroy, an actor and voice-over artist who had no prior robot experience.

What people say

“Engineered Arts have been very supportive”

"As far as I have worked with various robotic platforms, RoboThespian is a unique one in terms of its design and features. The well-designed and elegant structure of RoboThespian allows mimicking human movements in a seamless way. The simplicity of its backend system in programming complex tasks has enabled us to teach students to program complex movements scenarios and behaviours. The team of Engineered Arts have been very supportive in guiding us through the installation and programming steps. Due to these facts, I would highly recommend Engineered Arts technologies for any robotics lab"
Dr. Abdullah Almeshal, College of Technological Studies – RAiLab, Kuwait.

We were fantastically supported by Marcus

"We worked with Engineered Arts to develop custom content for our RoboThespian, including our own touchscreen interface design. We were fantastically supported by Marcus and the team throughout the customisation process. We were able to create the baseline content wholly through user testing ideas with online participants using Virtual RoboThespian via video calls. It was a really useful tool for engaging with users virtually during the pandemic and allowed us to tailor the content in terms of both script, tone and movement. The whole process gave us a fantastic amount of freedom to create something that hasn’t existed in a science centre before! Our early visitors have said "It’s fascinating to see a human sized robot" and "He's really visually striking this is the exhibit that resonates the most"
Rose O’Reilly, Content Developer, We The Curious, Bristol UK

Grandparents and toddlers singing, laughing and creating memories together

Our RoboThespian has been greeting visitors at the entrance to Carnegie Science Center’s “RoboWorld™” for over a decade, introducing the gallery, explaining robot basics, conducting sing-alongs, and cracking bad jokes to hundreds of thousands of guests. Technically, the ease of maintenance and the responsivity of the Engineered Arts team ensure his ‘down time’ has been minimal; any software glitches (few and far between) or updates can be handled remotely, and the ordering and delivery of occasional replacement parts is swift and efficient. And the interface kiosk for guest use is intuitive and engaging; my offices are right off the RoboWorld gallery, so I have the benefit of seeing a wide demographic of visitors enthralled by his antics. Especially satisfying is seeing multi-generation engagement – grandparents and toddlers signing, laughing and creating memories together. “Andy Roid” (a nod to both our founder Andrew Carnegie and ‘androids’) is a favorite of both staff and guests. 
Dennis Bateman, Director, Carnegie Science Center

I cannot thank Engineered Arts enough!

"I cannot thank Engineered Arts enough for their fabulous robot. The robot itself is top quality design and engineering, and we are constantly surprised by the elegance of the design and the quality of the make and materials. It is astonishingly reliable. The technical support is as outstanding as the robot, with experts able to direct and assist with the running on every detail of the robot. We were concerned about having enough technical ability to own a robot. We needn't have worried. The interface is extremely intuitive, allowing us to really be creative with full confidence in the robot and the supporting software. Our robot is very well received by people, and allows us full freedom in our creative industry. Both the robot and the team are brilliant, and I cannot recommend highly enough."
Lucy Seal, Curator of Ai-Da Robot. The world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist

“It´s easier than Ikea to set up!”

"When we approached Engineered Arts about RoboThespian we had a bold project in mind, we wanted to ask local school children to create content for the robot to engage the local community around green energy projects in Scotland. Engineered Arts took the children's ideas and created bespoke content that visitors can play from our touchscreen console that was supplied. Our installation engineer said "It´s easier than Ikea to set up, It was real fun! My compliments, I was pretty impressed!"
Bryan Snelling, Aberdeen Science Centre

You have to see it to believe it

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