Ample connection possibilities make it simple to add your own hardware. Multi-level control architecture means Socibot is fully equipped for users from novice to expert. Intuitive GUIs make creating content fast and easy, while for more in-depth control, anyone can access the sensor input and output directly via our browser-based developer environment.

As with all our robots, this grants you access to live sensor readouts and video data from Socibot's video feeds, IR depth sensors, position encoders, and any hardware you have added yourself. A simple drag-and-drop content management system makes it easy to upload your own images, sound files and sequences. Like RoboThespian, Python-based control functions can be scripted in-browser, and there is also a virtual environment for creating performances.

Socibot comes standard with our projective head hardware and custom-built software, Inyaface. This browser-based facial animation system has been specifically developed to allow you maximum control over your robot's appearance. Upload your own images, animate and control their appearance via interlocking facial meshes, save and load expressions, or even adjust the projector parameters and calibration.