SociBot integrates the core technologies of RoboThespian in a desktop-sized robot. Extra ports and multiple ethernet connections make it easy to interface with your choice of hardware. The projective head and fully articulated neck make SociBot even more expressive than its larger sibling. Ideal for individual researchers, small-footprint telepresence, or just for playing around with at home, SociBot offers a simple and affordable introduction to advanced robotics.

SociBot can track the position of more than 12 people at a time, even in a crowd. It can also detect gestures like hand waves and body poses. The internal head projector can map any face onto any mould – talk to us about customizing your facial features and projection options. See our Technology section for more details.

Compliant Neck Design

SociBot's neck incorporates series elastic actuators, meaning it can be force controlled and responds to touch. Use this to program Socibot interactively - direect the robot's attention, teach it positions, mimic motion.