In addition to the facial motion capture system Visage, SociBot integrates SHORE, an image processing software suite developed by Fraunhofer IIS. SHORE is able to find and track faces, accurately estimate gender and provide a good estimate of a persons age. It can also recognise facial features and expressions.

These abilities are used to bring SociBot to life. SociBot will make eye contact without prompting, attend to different speakers based on their body language, and will know how to address the person in view based on an age/gender estimate. Expression recognition allows a versatile and customizable audience experience.

Integrated IR Depth Sensor

Using the OpenNI frame work the infra depth sensor compliments the facial data available from the SHORE module. Socibot can track the position of more than 12 people at a time, and it rarely confuses one person with another even when they are standing close together or moving in a crowd. It can also detect gestures like hand waves and body poses.

Web Connected, Database Connected

SociBot can retrieve product data and provide information for customers. Unique QR codes can provide specific information for individuals. SociBot will also act as a tele-presence device - use SociBot as your remote avatar, to speak, look and listen.

Remote Programming, Diagnostics

SociBot is a web connected device - which means you can create and upload content remotely. Performance and technical issues can be diagnosed and often resolved without costly site visits.