Connect to RoboThespian in your browser, and gain access to the sophisticated Virtual Robot package, along with an integrated development environment which lets you program your robot using Python scripting, manage the robot's content via a simple drag and drop interface, and access sensor data in real time.

Virtual Robot offers a powerful way of programming content for a robot with an intuitive, multi-layered graphical user interface. Designed by Engineered Arts, this web-enabled software runs on HTML5 with WebGL, requires no installation, and is cross-system compatible. The robot can be posed using the mouse, simply by clicking and dragging limbs, head, hands, eye graphics, ...etc. Pre-stored poses, sounds, animations, or even sub-sequences can be loaded from the library, and a drag-and-drop timeline allows you to control and edit all elements of your performance. Users looking for more in-depth information can access sensor data or look at the explicit command output from the timeline sequences.

Through Virtual Robot, now multiple users can create content for your robot simultaneously, whether this is in a teaching environment, at a science education facility - or even remotely, via the internet. Remote users can store their routine on the cloud server and recall it on a real robot using an associated QR code. Note that stored routines can be filtered through a local administrative account, to arrange precedence or scan for unsuitable content.