We provide all of our customers with a fully customisable touchscreen interface that works in any language and offers all the mesmerising content you need. It enables our robots to stand in an exhibition and create moments of incredible interaction without an operator on hand.

This means that at the simple click of a button people can activate the robot to do their best Star Wars impression, sing a song, or to say something typed into the interface. This makes human-robot interaction easier than ever before.

Our exhibition robots are already in about 130 locations – and have been everywhere from Thailand’s National Science Museum to NASA’s welcome desk. And all of these robots offer easy interaction through our touchscreen interface.

Effortless interaction

The touchscreen interface means anyone visiting an exhibit with one of our robots can easily interact with it, triggering it to say “hello” or getting it to perform a pre-programed sequence.

It can also be combined with our innovative TinMan technology, meaning the robot can switch from touchscreen interaction to full-blown conversations with visitors. 

Our touchscreen interface is easily customisable and comes with bespoke content that suits whatever your needs may be. It comes as standard with all of our robots and is useful for situations where using our TinMan technology all of the time may not be feasible.

No technical wizardry needed

Not everyone is technologically inclined, and the touchscreen makes controlling an advanced robot simple. It’s essentially an app that is used to control the robot remotely, and it’s drag-and-drop easy to create complex and exciting sequences. 

As well as making the robots as easy as possible to interact with, we also make them easy to maintain. Some exhibitions last for years on end and our robots need to be robust enough to provide endless entertainment for the people using them.

The simple instructions we’ve designed for the touchscreen interface mean you don’t need a degree in electronics to fix any issues that might occur or replace any parts that may need replacing. In fact, we’ve made it so accessible that anyone can do it.

An amazing experience you can count on

If you’re putting on an exhibition, your primary task is to entertain your visitors in the most engaging way. Our mission is the same, and all of our robots are specifically designed to give people the most unforgettable experience possible. 

This means having our interfaces designed in a robust way that is both easy to use and long-lasting, meaning our robots deliver the same awe-inspiring experience every time.

Our robots are smart, and this means if an overenthusiastic young mind has triggered too many buttons at once, it won’t interrupt whatever sequence the robot is performing, ensuring they never fail to amaze a crowd. 

Looking to create an exhilarating exhibit? Get in touch to see how we can turn heads.

Language Choice

Sequence Library


Our RoboThespian and Mesmer robots are available in a large range of languages, selected from the language page.  If we don’t have your language already it can be set up using a translation template. Language is switched throughout the whole interface.

Play a pre-recorded sequence from our extensive library of entertaining and informative robot routines. The sequence library can be fully managed from the touchscreen interface by an administrator.

Users can create their own routines, choosing from a large array of pre-programmed poses, sound effects and eye graphics, and incorporating text-to-speech functionality in multiple languages.

Live Control

Robot Configuration


Control your robot directly at the press of a button. Move the robot’s head and eyes, change its LEDs and animation graphics, select some pre-configured poses and movements, and choose from a variety of greetings and responses. You can also see the camera feed from the high-definition head-mounted camera.

Restricted-access screens allow further control of the robot for higher-level and supervisory users. Here you can not only view sensor data and check diagnostic information, you can also manage the robot’s content and upload or remove sequences at the click of a button.

All of the touch screens and icons are customisable if you want the aesthetic to match a your venues colour scheme. Our team of in house animators and designers can create custom content to make your Engineered Arts Robots stand out even more.