与 Engineered Arts 合作意味着您可以得到:

  • 由具备 15 年以上机器人技术经验的专家设计的先进软件/硬件生态系统。
  • 强大的 Tritium 和直观的 Virtual Robot 软件
  • Mesmer 技术 使机器人能够以先进、高度仿真的方式对其环境做出反应。
  • 先进的机械结构、力控制、气动装置和混合伺服集成。
  • 高分辨率 3D 打印和先进的图像捕捉技术。

我们曾经完成了非凡之举 – 我们很乐意再完成一次

作为一个团队,我们不会将自己局限在传统的可能性理念之中。您买不到机器人皮肤,所以我们就发明了这样的皮肤!我们在极快的设计周期内工作,可以在一天之内将一个部件从早期 CAD 发展到加工再到落实和测试。




Kong 是一个巨大的交互式机器头部,它比真实生物更大,保证让人瞠目结舌。通过使用传感器和我们的 Virtual Robot 软件,Kong 的眼睛跟随着房间里的人们,当条件合适时,它的鼻孔会将压缩空气喷射到其访客们的笑脸上。


这款最先进的机器人是为 Madame Tussauds 设计制作的,它以电影《捉妖记》中中国的超级明星井柏然和他的朋友胡巴为原型。这一智能硅胶角色使用了我们的 Mesmer 技术来感知人并对周围环境做出反应,与访客保持目光接触并根据其性别、年龄和情绪做出反应。我们设计的胡巴也采用了相同的技术,赋予了它属于可爱怪物的眼神和表情。


Fred 是一个机器影响力者,它帮助宣传了一部人气电视剧集的推出,采用的是我们最先进的 Mesmer 技术。Fred 在短短 8 周内完成,完全模仿现实演员打造而成,外观像人,行为也像人。他能够在酒馆中与公众对话,其替身 Tedroy 可以毫不费力地进行操控和配音,后者是一名演员兼旁白配音演员,此前没有机器人使用经验。


A great mix of science, humor, education and entertainment!

RoboThespian is a great mix of science, humour, education and entertainment, and he crosses all boundaries so for us he was an absolutely perfect exhibit to bring here. We know he can deliver educational content, he can explain the science behind robotics. We want to get people thinking about the future, thinking about science and where we're going but he's also a really great entertainer. RoboThespian comes loaded with content but there's a great opportunity for us to develop our own content both for education and entertainment. We've seen the faces of families and children over the last two or three days just as we've been testing and setting him up and the reaction has been fantastic!
Adrian Lutton, W5. Belfast

Engineered Arts team is always there at a moment’s notice

"Our first Humanoid show in India at India's famous religious theme park at Shirdi, with 3 human robots was only possible because of great involvement from the Engineered Arts team. They take ownership of the project and work with the client team to the minutest details. The show we created with them is very successful. We repeated our association with them to create a humanoid of former President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam in one of the museums. The most important part to keep the shows running flawlessly is the after sales support. The Engineered Arts team is always there at a moment's notice. We look forward to continuing our association with them in India and Southeast Asia."
Sanjay Dabke, Guardian Media and Entertaiments, India

I cannot thank Engineered Arts enough!

"I cannot thank Engineered Arts enough for their fabulous robot. The robot itself is top quality design and engineering, and we are constantly surprised by the elegance of the design and the quality of the make and materials. It is astonishingly reliable. The technical support is as outstanding as the robot, with experts able to direct and assist with the running on every detail of the robot. We were concerned about having enough technical ability to own a robot. We needn't have worried. The interface is extremely intuitive, allowing us to really be creative with full confidence in the robot and the supporting software. Our robot is very well received by people, and allows us full freedom in our creative industry. Both the robot and the team are brilliant, and I cannot recommend highly enough."
Lucy Seal, Curator of Ai-Da Robot. The world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist

We were fantastically supported by Marcus

"We worked with Engineered Arts to develop custom content for our RoboThespian, including our own touchscreen interface design. We were fantastically supported by Marcus and the team throughout the customisation process. We were able to create the baseline content wholly through user testing ideas with online participants using Virtual RoboThespian via video calls. It was a really useful tool for engaging with users virtually during the pandemic and allowed us to tailor the content in terms of both script, tone and movement. The whole process gave us a fantastic amount of freedom to create something that hasn’t existed in a science centre before! Our early visitors have said "It’s fascinating to see a human sized robot" and "He's really visually striking this is the exhibit that resonates the most""
Rose O’Reilly, Content Developer, We The Curious, Bristol UK

We were very taken by RoboThespian

"When I came back to Oxford Brookes, I started to think about and plan our research in robotics. I started to look around what was available in terms of current robotics technology when I came across RoboThespian and I thought he was amazing! He was very expressive, he could move his arms, hands and his head to gesture. The eyes in particular are very expressive because they're LCD screens so we've got a great deal of freedom in portraying sadness and happiness and all sorts of emotions through them. I was invited to visit Engineer Arts and it was a fantastic experience. It was like walking on to the set of iRobot. We were very taken by RoboThespian. I then came back to Oxford Brookes and talked to senior colleagues here at the University, we immediately said we should get one"
Professor Nigel Cook, Oxford Brookes. Oxford