Need to draw a crowd? Want more footfall? Our hyper-advanced robots inspire awe wherever they are across the globe.

Multiply the power of artificial Intelligence with an artificial body. Ameca is the physical presence that brings your code to life. The most advanced lifelike humanoid you can use to develop and show off your greatest machine learning interactions. This robot is the digital interface to the real world.

Ameca is not just a development tool, it’s a cutting-edge integration of the latest technology that’s built to last. Grab attention and fuel the imagination with Ameca.

Humans, check this out, Mesmer has found a way to mirror you. They’re mesmerising by design and can imitate the appearance of just about anybody. Able to maintain eye contact and respond in real time to those around them, Mesmer makes for robot-human interactions that will never be forgotten. 

Every Mesmer component is designed and made by our team to work in perfect alignment, keeping their movement convincing and their controls simple to use.

Not all humanoid robots need legs. Meet Ameca Desktop, our smart, personable robot is a true professional, innovatively designed to handle human-like conversations.

With no special set up needed, Ameca Desktop’s tech does the hard work for you. Add them to your front desk or information point to delight all who arrive there.

The finest actor around and the most charming of robots, RoboThespian’s innovative engineering makes them capable of assuming any personality and enchanting people in almost any setting: exhibitions, science centres, theatres, stadiums, corporate presentations and live TV. 

Fully interactive, multi-lingual and simple to set up, RoboThespian has made a lasting impression at events and institutions around the world. 

Our Clients Include