The newly launched Ameca humanoid robot combines AI with AB (Artificial Body) for relatable natural human gestures and upgradable modular mechanics. All controlled via our cloud-managed API development tool kit

We’ve spent years creating the most memorable, interactive character experiences. We are proud to put that experience into our latest humanoid robot, Ameca. Through 20 years of increasing robotics innovation, the Ameca series features ground-breaking advancements in movement and natural gestures, intelligent interaction, and a future-proof software system designed to embrace artificial intelligence and computer vision with adaptive learning – giving users an API customization pathway never before available.

Here’s a first look at Ameca in our workshop. And before you ask, this is not CGI. This is a real robot.

Our Ameca humanoid robot will take center stage at CES 2022 in Las Vegas at the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion in Tech West Hall G lower level of the Venetian Expo Center, at Booth 62502 & 62524 from January 5th- 8th. Come and meet Ameca and experience unique human-robot-interaction for yourself.

In the words of our Director of Operations, Morgan: “A humanoid robot will always instil an image of what the future may hold. Ameca represents a perfect platform to explore how our machines can live with, collaborate, and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable communities. Ameca integrates both AI with AB (artificial body) for advanced, iterative technologies that deliver superior motion and gestures, all housed in a human form and robotic visage for a non-threatening, gender-neutral integration into an inclusive society.”

Read more about Ameca here .