It’s no mystery that RoboThespian is a star. This is something that has now been confirmed by Hollywood (Atlanta actually). RoboThespian stars in Scooby-Doo spin off ‘Daphne & Velma’, released digitally and on DVD in May 2018. Set at time before Mystery Incorporated, in Daphne & Velma’s hi-tech high school.  RoboThespian stars in 3 scenes, in the movie, including participating at a science fair, welcoming students into the school and a classroom scene. The specific RoboThespian starring in the film is RT-0094. Or as he is more commonly known, Joppa. Joppa is the name given to this specific RoboThespian by his owner Robot Rental Us. Robot Rental US rented the robot to the film, and were on set, operating the robot as required. RT-0094’s acting will have been programmed using our state of the art software Virtual Robot. The visual & ‘drag & drop’ nature of the software, makes it ideally suited to a high pressure/high precision scenario such as a film set. If, at any point, the director shouted, ‘he needs to look a little more to the left, and he pointing too soon, oh and give me a little more blush in his cheeks”, the changes can be made on the fly, and the director could even adjust the animation herself, with very little training. and because the moves are 100% repeatable, RT could do many many perfect takes, whilst waiting for his human counterparts to get it right.