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Annual Salary
£55,000.00 - £80,000.00
Employment Type
Full Time
London or Cornwall

Do you want to help build the future of humanoid robots?

We are looking for someone with a blend of deep knowledge of Frontend programming (particularly React) and a visual arts and designer background to take on the lead of the UI/UX of our Software.

Our internal motto is “Be Wow”, our robots are wow and we want you to help us create a user experience that is wow too.

Innovative solutions and approaches to unique and emerging UI/UX challenges in programming and managing humanoid robots might set precedents for the whole industry and help lower the barrier to easily making these machines interact naturally and perform useful tasks in our society.

Is this a world that you might be interested in helping to shape?

The role can be based either at our HQ in Cornwall or at our office in London.

Hybrid work possible, 2-3 days a week remote.

To apply: email with your CV and (if you have one) link to LinkedIn profile, but please read the requirements in the description first.

Main Responsibilities

  • Own the design and the actual frontend coding of our user-facing software. Specifically:
    • Coming up with elegant and visually appealing ways to solve UI challenges or reimagining parts of the UI entirely to improve user experience
    • Coding the most complex parts using React, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS
    • Leading our more junior frontend developers so they do the rest well and quickly.
  • Rapidly prototype and iterate UI/UX ideas
  • Contribute to quickly implementing new features and changes
  • Be the technical reference and mentor for our frontend developers
  • Lead hiring for further frontend engineers as the team grows
  • Champion best practices in UI/UX design and frontend development
  • Create UI assets as needed

Desired Skills

Traits we are looking for
  • You can get to solutions fast yet leave well-structured and documented code behind
  • You are intellectually curious and able to get through new territory quickly
  • You are open to ideas and have a positive attitude, a desire to help others, and a tendency to resolve issues without drama
  • You have a penchant for inquiring how technologies work under the hood
  • You are passionate about making amazing robots even more amazing to use

Experience Requirements

  • Similar senior role(s) leading both the visual design and the frontend development of complex web applications (not necessarily in the same job)
  • Deep understanding of frontend frameworks like React, how they work under the hood, and resulting performance considerations
  • First-hand experience of using 3D models in Web applications
  • Background in visual arts and keen aesthetic sense for sleek UI design
Desirable knowledge
  • Computer animation, particularly 3D character animation
  • GraphQL
  • Ability to write parts of the backend code as well if needed to implement a feature
  • Inner workings of graphics engines like 3D renderers
Useful prior experience
  • Working on video games or other complex real-time software development
  • Exposure to Robotics
  • Agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban

To apply:email with your CV and (if you have one) link to LinkedIn profile, but please read the requirements in the description first.