Our Mesmer robots can display a huge range of human emotion. Each of our Mesmer creations are designed and built from 3D in-house scans of real people, allowing us to imitate human bone structure, skin texture and expressions convincingly.

We use a custom built 3D scanning Photogrammetry Rig to create accurate and unique models of our subjects. This also allows us to quickly engineer the internal workings of the robot to fit the individual and organic dimensions of a human face.


  1. Look-alike subject is seated in the middle of the photogrammetry rig to allow pictures from every angle
  2. Photos are taken simultaneously using 36 cameras
  3. Photogrammetry works by capturing multiple overlapping digital photographs from different angles. They are then digitally reconstructed into a 3D model by comparing pixel colors and defining anchor points

3D Modelling

  1. The raw 3D sculpture is taken into modelling software
  2. Details are tidied-up and hair is removed to establish a clean 3D model
  3. The 3D model is meticulously checked for accuracy of likeness before going to 3D print

3D Printing, Moulding and Detail

  1. 3D Printing: An accurate mould of the digital model is produced on a stereolithography 3D printer
  2. Moulding: Silicone is injected into the mould to create the life like skin for the robot
  3. Detail: Hair and fine detail paints are added to the silicone skin by hand

Mechanics, Animation and sound

  1. Mechanics: The silicone skin is placed over the custom made robotic head to complete final assembly
  2. Animation & sound: Movement sequences and sound is then added using Engineered Arts’ powerful cloud software Virtual Robot