SociBot Mini


SociBot Mini is the perfect proof that the best things come in small packages.


SociBot Mini / SociBot Desktop 

A compact platform for social robotics application development – works out of the box and open to extending.

  • Projected facial expression technology
  • Integrated browser based IDE
  • Wide choice of text to speech languages and voice variations (1 voice supplied as standard)
  • High quality 20W audio output
  • Facial motion capture
  • Optional age, gender and expression estimation using SHORE TM
  • Integrated HD webcam
  • 3 powered head axis
  • Integrated PC
  • Integrated IR depth sensor for gestures*

* SociBot Mini uses the Asus Xtion sensor which will not be available after October 2014. We are currently working to enhance the capabilities of recognition software using the integrated camera.


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