Virtual Robot (Embedded in your own website)


  • Allows for public use of Virtual Robot, including integrating into your own website.  Visitors to your website can experience the virtual RoboThespian or SociBot and generate their own programs.  At the end of their session, their work is saved and a QR code generated.  By showing the QR code to RoboThespian or SociBot at your venue the robot will perform their work – each time a unique experience and another reason to come from the virtual world through the doors of your real venue.Tier 3 details:


  • HTML5 cloud hosted, content creation application.
  • Multiple concurrent user access
  • Embedded in your website
  • For organisation’s internal use to create and edit RoboThespian content, programs and behaviours
  • For public use to create and edit RoboThespian content, programs and behaviours
  • Annual service fee covers up to XXX hours of Text to Speech voice generation in choice of
  • 70+ voice options, external server hosting and maintenance, remote support.



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