1. Q: Can I rent or lease SociBot for a commercial show?

    A: We don't offer Socibot for rental, you can rent RoboThepsian

  2. Q: Could I use SociBot in a store, restaurant or museum?

    A: Yes, SociBot is designed for interaction in public spaces please ask us about your application idea.

  3. Q: Do I need to be a programmer to create content for SociBot?

    A: Simple content is easy to create using the compose page.

  4. Q: Do you have a local distributor in my country?

    A: Please take a look at our distributors page.

  5. Q: I'm a researcher, programmer, tech genius - where can I find detailed technical information?

    A: Have a look at the research FAQ and the support page.

  6. Q: Can I hold a conversation with SociBot?

    A: Yes, but it's limited by the quality of speech recognition, it won't work very well in a noisy place.

  7. Q: Can SociBot be my servant and wash the dishes etc?

    A: SociBot hates doing washing up - get a dishwasing machine.